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GuaranaSwing ® - Premium Amazon Quality - organic pure Trademark
Guarana Swing
Guarana Swing® is pure natural Guarana from the Amazon. Guaraná powder, granular und tablets are available in Swiss pharmacies, drugstores and healthfood shops since 1987 in more than 3000 salespoints.
>> Guarana Swing

Amazon Herba Promotrend Ltd. Zurich organic Amazon herbs Trade
Amazon Herba
We export premium Amazon quality, organic products like Guaraná, Muira Puama, Cat's Claw, Muirauira, Andiroba and Copaiba all over the world.
Amazon Herbs

Muirapuama, Muira Puama, Potenzholz, Potency Wood Specialties
Muira Puama

Not only in the Amazon the potency wood is known as a sexual stimulant. For many years we get the Muirapuama from the source to sell it to industries and pharmacies worldwide.
Muirapuama Kompetente wisschenschaftliche Information Edition

We mediate scientific content. Our platform in German language with competent information by the famous world caffeine specialist Prof. Dr. Thomas W. Baumann.

Argentina-Patagonia 2000 photos Photo Collection
2000 Photos of Patagonia by Reto Kaspar

>> photographer and painter Reto Kaspar drawings and photography Art Collection

We show the artworks of
Reto Kaspar - caspareto - Drawings and photography

>> Caspareto

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